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    Our approach for Infertility

    We will weave the future of the family with genome analysis technology so that as many women as possible can have healthy babies, give birth, and hold them in their hands.

    Pregnancy and Fertility Treatment

    We are working on these three pillars: developing a thorough understanding of the womb(Endometrial Microbiome Testing), an important supplement to protect both mother and baby (Lactoferrin), and a test to check for abnormalities in the number of chromosomes in the embryo to determine the risk of miscarriage (PGT-A).
    One in 5.5 couples in Japan suffers from infertility, and we are constantly working on research and development to reduce the physical and mental burden on the women, as well as the economic costs.

    What We Can Do

    Overseas, tests in various reproductive fields that utilize genomes are already underway. By applying the latest genome technology, we have made it possible to conduct "Endometrial Microbiome Testing" to determine the environment of the uterus where a fertilized egg is received, and "PGT-A", a test to check for chromosomal abnormalities, which are said to account for 70% of miscarriages, before embryo transfer.

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