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    What is Lactoferrin?

    Lactoferrin is a multifunctional glycoprotein found in breast milk and is abundant in colostrum. Lactoferrin is an important component that helps protect newborn babies from pathogens and viruses. In adults, lactoferrin is found in tears, saliva, and cervical mucus, which are often exposed to the outside air, and serves as a barrier to prevent pathogens from entering the body. Lactoferrin is important for protecting the mother and baby from the inside.

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    せっかく摂取したラクトフェリンも、小腸まで到達せずに胃で全て壊されてしまっては意味がありません。 効果を最大化するため、腸までしっかりと届くよう「腸溶性加工」をされた製品が発明されました。腸溶錠剤と非腸溶錠剤での効果の違いは、臨床試験により比較検討され、腸溶錠剤 の方が、非腸溶錠剤よりも少量で効果が得られる、すなわち「効率よく腸まで届いて吸収され効果が得られる」ことがわかっています。



    製品がどのような臨床試験(ヒトを対象に有効性や安全性を確認するための試験)や、研究に使用されているかも大切な点です。 医療機関や大学病院などの専門機関で取り扱われる製品は、そのようなデータや論文等の信頼できる根拠に基づき検討されているため、医療機関から選ばれているかも見極める際の一つのポイントと言えます。



    ラクトフェリン原料の品質は、その加工精度の違いにより吸収や効果が変わってきます。 原料の入手先の選定、品質規格の確認、どこにある、どのような工場で製造されているのか、大切な身体に取り入れるものなので、できるだけ安心できる製品を選ぶことも重要です。
    *GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)などの工程管理基準をクリアしているか、なども 一つの指標になります。

    Lactoferrin Supplement for Endometrial Microbiome

    Endometrial Microbiome refers to the bacterial environment in the uterus. Recent studies have suggested that the bacterial environment affects the pregnancy rate.
    The Lactoferrin Supplement we provide has been granted a patent* for the invention of the use of lactoferrin for Endometrial Microbiome. It has also been adopted by obstetrics and gynecology departments and medical institutions specializing in fertility treatment.

    Country of manufacture
    Made in Japan
    Content size
    29.16g (324mg×90drop)
    best if eaten by this date
    Stated on the bottom of the product
    Directions for use
    Take 3 to 7 capsules per day with water or hot water.
    Lactose (manufactured in Germany and New Zealand) / Lactoferrin (from milk), Cellulose, Shellac, CMC-Ca, Sucrose fatty acid ester, L-Arginine, Sorbitol
    Storage method 
    Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
    If you are allergic to cow's milk, please do not take.
    If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or visiting a hospital, please consult your doctor before using this product.

    *Our product is patented for its use in endometrial microbiome. Patent number: No. 6831548



    • ・「ラクトフェリンの子宮内フローラへの用途発明の特許」取得

      本製品は、多くの臨床試験にも用いられ、研究結果は論文としても発表されています。[1] 不妊や妊活における、子宮内フローラとラクトフェリンの関係性について、信頼できるデータの蓄積により、「ラクトフェリンの子宮内フローラへの用途発明の特許*」を取得しております。

    • ・産婦人科や不妊治療専門の医療機関でも採用


    • ・腸溶性加工、1 錠あたりラクトフェリンを 100mg 配合


    • ・安心、安全な製造過程

      製造会社において原料の入手前に分析試験が行われ、品質規格に適合した原料のみを使用 しています。その後、国内の*GMP 適合認定を受けた協力工場で製造しています。 この協力工場での製造の際、中間製品及び最終製品は、工場、製造会社、外部分析機関の各 分析を経て、品質規格に適合した製品のみがお客様に届けられます。
      *GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)とは、日本健康・栄養食品協会が厚生労働省の支援 を受けた第三者認証制度で、原料の受入,製造,出荷までの各工程で安全に製造され、一定 の品質が保たれるために必要な工程管理基準です。
      [1] A pilot study and case reports on endometrial microbiota and pregnancy outcome: An analysis using 16S rRNA gene sequencing among IVF patients, and trial therapeutic intervention for dysbiotic endometrium


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    Q. There are many lactoferrin products available, but what is the difference?
    Lactoferrin Supplement for Endometrial Microbiome is characterized by the fact that it is coated with a patented technology that does not dissolve in gastric juice in order to make it enteric soluble. In addition, since there are no governmental quality standards for lactoferrin, various quality products are available in the market, and some of them have very low content and purity. Lactoferrin for uterine flora is manufactured in GMP-certified factories with a focus on quality, and content inspections are always conducted.

    Our product has actually been used in several papers and is a patented product for use in endometrial microbiome
    Q. Why is enteric soluble better?
    During infancy, the activity of digestive enzymes in the stomach is weak, and the lactoferrin contained in breast milk passes through the stomach and is absorbed in the intestines. However, after the weaning period, the digestive enzymes in the stomach change, and most of the lactoferrin is broken down. In order to take lactoferrin effectively, it is important that it is enteric soluble, which prevents it from being broken down in the stomach and allows it to reach the small intestine.
    Q. When should I take lactoferrin during the day?
    You can take it all at once or divide it into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    This product has an enteric coating that is insoluble in water and stomach acid so that lactoferrin can be absorbed from the intestines. Therefore, in rare cases, some people may come out of the stool due to their constitution or other reasons.
    If this is the case, it is possible that the tablets may not stay in the intestines well enough when you have not eaten enough, so try taking them after a meal to help them stay in the intestines.