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    Creating the Future of the Family through Genome Technology

    We will continue to be a company that sincerely cares about the future of each family and weaves the future of families with genome technology.

    Our business

    Varinos is a clinical Test company developing and providing new genomic Test services.

    Our service

    We provide clinical tests in the field of reproductive medicine and obstetrics and gynecology, such as the "Endometrial Microbiome Test," which has been made possible by ourlatest genome technology to detect extremely small amounts of bacteria, and "preimplantation genetic Test," which examines the genes and chromosomes of an embryo before conception to check for abnormalities.

    Research and development area

    In addition to the fields of reproductive medicine and obstetrics and gynecology, , we are expanding the use and potential of genomic medicine to include cancer and neonatal genetic diseases. We are developing unprecedented new genomic tests for the era of genomic medicine, where diagnosis is based on the diversity of genomes.

    Our goal is to standardize clinical Test services using next-generation sequencers (NGS) and to provide clinical sequencing tests to patients timely,

    Genome is a word synthesized from genes and chromosomes; it is all the genetic information in DNA. Genome information is like a blueprint for building the body.Genome medicine is to diagnose and treat diseases efficiently and effectively based on the comprehensive genomic information.

    *NGS:Next Generation Sequencer
    Next-generation sequencer (NGS) is an instrument that can read thousands to millions of DNAsequences at high speed. It is possible to analyze the genome (genetic information) at an overwhelmingly low cost and in a short time.

    Our Technology

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      Realize speedy development and implementation technologies by our specialists for Next-generation sequencing analysis

      The " Endometrial Microbiome Test," developed by our company, is the world's first practical application of microbiome technology in the infertility field using a next-generation sequencer as a clinical test.

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      Operation using in-house facilities

      Varinos Laboratory is a registered clinical laboratory (No. 177, Koto-ku, Tokyo), and implements unique quality control (QC) at key points in the Test process to minimize human error and ensure thorough accuracy control.

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      Research and development by our genome analysis specialists

      Our experienced specialists in next-generation sequencing develop new genomic tests. We are actively engaged in collaborative research with universities, research institutes, and IVF clinics throughout Japan.

    Our Service

    We develop and provide new clinical tests mainly in the fields of reproductive medicine and obstetrics and gynecology.

    Endometrial Microbiome Test business that has continued since the company was founded.

    This is an Endometrial microbiome Test business that uses specimens collected from the vagina and uterus to examine the types and percentages of bacteria in the uterus.

    Learn more about Endometrial Microbiome Test

    Lactoferrin is found in breast milk and is important for protecting the body of babies and mothers from the inside out. varinos offers lactoferrin supplements.

    ※We have obtained a patent for the invention of the use of lactoferrin for intrauterine flora.

    Learn more about Lactoferrin

    Preimplantation embryo genome Test and analysis project

    We offer the Preimplantation Genome Test (PGT-A), which allows us to evaluate the chromosomes of embryos after IVF or ICSI before implantation. This is a Test project that uses genome analysis to examine chromosomal abnormalities, which are believed to be the cause of miscarriages, before implantation.

    Our Story

    CEO Sakuraba, who introduced the first new type of prenatal diagnosis (NIPT) in Japan and was involved in the market development of genetic Test (NIPT and PGS) in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.
    Co-founder Nagai is a specialist in genetic statistical analysis and database construction.
    After working together at Illumina, a company that develops and markets next-generation sequencers, the two of us founded Varinos in 2017.

    Thoughts at the time of founding: "There are no genome Test companies in Japan" and "Tests that are commonplace overseas cannot be performed in Japan" will be solved with our own technology.

    At that time, about 15 years had passed since the birth of next-generation sequencing, a genome analysis technology that was initially used only for research purposes, but in the United States, Europe, China and other parts of the world, it was being applied to medical treatment, mainly for cancer and genetic diseases.
    On the other hand, although Japan's research results are second to none in the world, in terms of medical applications, no company has been able to provide genomic Test as a clinical test to the medical field.

    At the same time, in the field of fertility treatment and reproductive medicine, genomic tests such as Preimplantation Gamete Chromosome Aneuploidy Test (PGT-A), for example, are commonly used overseas, but have not been implemented in Japan.

    Witnessing this situation, I developed genomic Test in Japan. We started developing and providing genomic Test services in the field of obstetrics and gynecology with the hope of helping patients in the field of infertility treatment and doctors in obstetrics and reproductive medicine who want to perform genomic Test but are unable to do so.

    The name of Varinos is derived from the phrase "Variant for Diagnose".
    The name reflects co-founder Nagai's desire to "contribute to people's health by implementing genomics in society.

    Our future goal: we will be there for each and every one of you, weaving the future of your family.

    In the field of reproductive medicine, it is said that the success rate of a single IVF cycle is about 10-30%.
    We have developed and improved genomic technology to increase the success rate.
    By spreading this technology widely, we aim to create a world where fertility treatment patients can receive reproductive medicine with a success rate of 70% to 80%.
    Our goal is to create a world where fertility treatment patients can receive reproductive medicine with a success rate of 70% to 80%. We will continue to strive to reduce the physical, financial, and psychological burdens of as many fertility treatment patients as possible.
    We will continue to be there for as many fertility treatment patients as possible to alleviate their physical, financial, and psychological burdens, and support them in weaving a future for their families.

    In addition, the services we are providing now are focused on fertility treatment and reproductive medicine. However, this is only the first step. There are various fields, such as neonatal diseases and cancer, where genome Test can contribute to the future of patients by demonstrating its power.
    With genome Test as our pillar, we will continue to develop and provide Test services in a variety of fields.

    Founding members

    Yoshiyuki Sakuraba
    Yoko Nagai

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    • Founder and CEO

      Yoshiyuki Sakuraba

      • Year 2001

        Received a Ph.D. (Science) from Saitama University in the post-doctoral program,Major in Genetics

      • Year 2001

        RIKEN Center for Genomic Sciences,Genome Related National Projects

      • Year 2008

        St. Jude Children's Hospital, USA
        Basic research on cancer-related genes

      • Year 2011

        Senior Manager, Laboratory Technology Department, GeneTech Corporation
        Development of detection method of chromosome aneuploidy using maternal blood nucleated erythrocytes
        Introduction of NIPT in Japan

      • Year 2014

        Exective Clinical Sales Specialist, Illumina, Inc.
        NIPT and PGT-A related technical sales
        Next generation sequencing for medical applications

      • Year 2017

        Founder and CEO, Varinos Inc. (present post)

    • Director, COO and CSO

      Yoichi Saito

      • Year 2008

        Graduated from Hokkaido University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinarian)

      • Year 2008

        Astellas Pharma Inc.
        Responsible for clinical development in Japan and other Asian countries

      • Year 2013

        Business Producer, Dream Incubator Inc. 
        Engaged in consulting services for large companies and policy making support for government agencies.

      • Year 2016

        M3 Corporation
        Participated in the launch of the new Medical Marketer (MM) business as a main member and established the service.

      • Year 2018

        Executive Officer, Business Development, Preferred Networks, Inc.

      • Year 2020

        Director, COO and CSO, Varinos Inc. (current position)

    • Director, CFO

      Hidetoshi Hirakawa

      • Year 2006

        PwC Arata Limited Liability Audit Corporation (passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination)
        Worked as an in-charge at a megabank to support internal control evaluation

      • Year 2015

        Director and General Manager, Corporate Administration Division, GA technologies Inc.
        Achieved Mothers IPO in the 5th year after establishment and was in charge of M&A and IR after listing

      • Year 2019

        Director and CFO, Caster Inc.

      • Year 2020

        Director and CFO, RECLO Inc.

      • Year 2021

        Director, CFO, Varinos Inc. (current position)

    • Outside Director Tatsuzo Ishigami
    • Outside Director Yutaro Kasai
    • Outside Director Hiroyuki Misawa
    • Outside Director Jun Narimatsu
    • Outside Director Hiroko Kimura
    • Outside Director Huimin Wang
    • Auditor Masanori Ishikawa
    • Auditor Yoko sano

    Company Profile

    • Company name

      Varinos Inc.

    • Establishment date

      Feb. 20, 2017.

    • Business Description

      Contract analtical of clinical laboratories and development of genomic tests

    • Address

      1-1-20 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo DiverCity Tokyo Office Tower 21F

    • TEL

      +81 3 5422 6501

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