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    Next Generation POC Genomic Test

    About Next Generation POC Genomic Test

    Service Overview

    The POC (product of conception) chromosome test is a test to determine the number of chromosomes in a miscarried fetus to determine if the cause of the miscarriage is a fetal chromosome abnormality or not. Next-generation POC genomic Test uses a next-generation sequencer (NGS) to analyze the number of chromosomes in a miscarried fetus.
    The test requires fetal-derived tissues such as chorionic villi and umbilical cord contained in miscarried products.The test amplifies the whole genome of human DNA from fetal-derived tissue and examines the increase or decrease in chromosome number based on diploid/euploid chromosomes, which have two copies each. Chromosome aneuploidy is detected as monosomy when the number of a particular chromosome is one, and trisomy when the number of chromosomes is three.
    Depending on the specimen, mosaicism may be detected.Mosaicism is a condition in which cells without chromosomal aneuploidy and cells with chromosomal aneuploidy are mixed in the analyzed fetal tissue. Mosaicism may disappear as the fetus develops, but at times it may lead to an increased possibility of miscarriage.


    ・Includes multiplicity analysis as the standard.
    ・Genotyping analysis of POC and mothers is also available (at an additional cost). May be able to determine if the tissue is of fetal origin.
    ・POC culture is not necessary because the test is performed using NGS.
    ・Since the test uses DNA samples, even minute amounts can be analyzed and frozen for storage.

    If you are interested in our test, please contact our inquiry desk(info@varinos.com).
    ※This service is for research use only.

    Flow of Next Generation POC Genomic Test

    • 01

      Before making a request

      Please contact our sales representative.
      Our sales representative will explain the contract, inspection request, and additionalnecessary paperwork.

    • 02

      Order a test kit

      Please fill out the "Next Generation POC Genomic Test Kit Order Form" and fax it to us.
      If you would like to havethe additional test performed (for a fee), please order the Maternal Oral Cell Collection Kit as well.
      The kit includes a test order form, POC specimen collection container, specimen shipping address, specimen collection request form, kit order form, and various labels.

    • 03

      Specimen collection and packaging

      Please collect the specimen and package it according to our instructions.
      Please fill out the "Test Request Form" with the specimen information.

    • 04

      Delivery of specimens

      Please fill out the "Specimen Collection Request Form" and fax it to us.

    • 05

      Report of test results

      We will perform DNA analysis and secondary data analysis using a next-generation sequencer at our laboratory, and return the test result report to you.
      The report will be sent to you within 10 business days from the date we receive your specimen. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)