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    Endometrial Microbiome Test

    Endometrial Microbiome Test


    Since 2015, research on the endometrial microbiota using next-generation sequencing has been ongoing. Previously the uterus was thought to be sterile, but it is now apparent that is not the case, and there are uterine-dwelling bacteria present. There has been continued research on the existence level of these bacteria, including the fact that the percentage of Lactobacillus affects pregnancy and childbirth.
    Endometrial microbiome Test is a test to determine the Lactobacillus spp percentage in the uterus.
    There have been multiple reports of a direct relationship between the percentage of Lactobacillus spp in the uterus and pregnancy success rates. We estimate the percentage of Lactobacillus spp using next-generation sequencing (NGS), by examining the 16S rRNA gene in the mucus of the endometrium (endometrial luminal fluid) or vaginal abrasions.


    ・Test is conducted at a laboratory in Japan
    ・The use of NGS makes possible the detection of bacteria that are difficult to detect in cultures, especially ones in minute amounts.
    ・Bacteria can be analyzed down to the species level (additional charge)

    The purpose of this test is to confirm the flora of the reproductive organs by collecting uterine or vaginal fluid.
    If you are interested in our test, please contact our inquiry desk(info@varinos.com).
    ※This service is for research use only.

    Flow of Endometrial Microbiome Test

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      Enter into a Contract

      Come to an agreement about specifics with Varinos, Inc.

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      Order Test kit

      Please fill on order form and send the request to Varinos by email.

    • 03

      Receive Test Kit

      Receive sample collection kit from Varinos.

    • 04

      Collect and Ship Sample

      Collect sample from patient’s uterus or vagina and ship to Varinos.

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      Receive Test Report

      The test is carried out by a Next Generation Sequencer at Varinos.
      The Test Report will be provided by email.